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2017-2018 Calendar Released

Thursday, June 1, 2017

alexander library at landmark high schoolDetails About the High School Calendar

The 2017-18 Landmark High School Calendar is posted on our website so that you may begin to plan for next year. The calendar contains necessary information, including start dates, vacations/holidays as well as Saturday School and Early Release Days.

New Orientation Schedule

Parents/Guardians of returning students: Please note that the arrival dates for resident and day students are different this year as we have made some programmatic changes to our Orientation structure. All residents (new and returning) are expected to arrive on Monday, August 28, and all day students (new and returning) are expected on Tuesday, August 29. Historically this order has been reversed so we wanted to point out that this has been changed. We will send out a reminder e-mail over the summer but please mark your calendars accordingly!

Other calendars, such as the guidance calendar for juniors and seniors, the daily academic calendar, and the athletic events calendar, will be out later in the spring and summer, once dates and events have been finalized.

All students and parents to pay particular attention to daily attendance. It is always a good idea for all parents and students to review and understand our attendance policies noted in our Student Handbook. Attendance is important. The academic and behavioral decisions students make in high school can arguably determine their level of success as they enter college or the workforce. Making the full effort to attend on a daily basis is paramount in developing positive work habits. Please, encourage your children to be in school, be on time for school, and ready to work. We will do the same. Thank you for your helping us maintain this very important standard.

Calendar FAQs

Listed below are answers to a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the general calendar:

Why are there so many early release days?

The agencies that accredit the school mandate a certain number of professional development hours each year. Performing these hours during the school day is the only method of capturing the entire faculty to complete these tasks to the satisfaction of the agencies that accredit us. The ability to do this also helps us to keep our faculty updated on important training topics and initiatives.

Why do we take two-week vacations?

Since we are an independent school, our calendar is typical of independent boarding schools. Given our interactions with other independent schools, travel necessities for boarders, and the need to maintain the facilities of a school that is in constant use, two-week periods are very important in meeting the needs stated above.

Why do we have a Saturday School program?

Saturdays have provided great opportunity for students to access courses in experiential learning, as well as service and co-curricular areas. Thanks to Saturday School, our community service hours have increased dramatically. Saturdays have also offered us long sought after flexibility in planning the general calendar.