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To Daniel W. of Watermark Program of Landmark School, class of 1986---

You said in your note to jfauci , the Alumni Director, that you stayed on WHEN & IF & sailed on Te Vega. Can you or Jeff Fauci please tell me the names of the ship Capt. & his wife during that period of time ? I lived in Camden then---& helped sail Te Vega from Lunenberg, N.S, to St. Georges Bermuda. You students flew there as I recall. We literally "flew" to Bermuda ! Made it in 4+1/2 days ! What an experience ! The Capt. & wife wanted me to join the crew for the school year as I a nurse + had been part of crew on Sterling Hayden's Wanderer when it sailed to Tahiti, but I couldn't afford to leave my nursing job @ that point in time, so, good-bye Te Vega for me. Now I'm an old gramma living in Pensacola but still get to Maine in summer usually, & think often of that little voyage on Te Vega. If either of you could give me the Capt. & his wife's names, I'd appreciate. She was the "principal" or head teacher of the school if I'm correct.

Thanks, hopefully,

Gloria Herrick Oehlert---850-434-0046

I am a former Watermark student (Summer 1984 - 1986). I was on board the Win and IF & the TeVega. I just received my copy of the Landmark Lantern and noted that I was quoted on page 10. I am interested in: 1) knowing where you all found that quote, 2) If you have any other old school papers I might have written, and 3) If you have ...any more TeVega pictures you would be willing to share. Years ago I gave up a roll of film I shot in San Malo, France to the Landmark yearbook. I am glad that I did it, but wish I had kept the negatives and a copy of the photos. If someone could contact me about these things, I would be grateful. If you like, you may Facebook email me back or call me. Thank you.

D.W. - Landmark School, Watermark Program Class of 1986

Hi Daniel,
I put the story together for The Lantern. Happy touch base on facebook or through email or by phone. I can be reached at jfauci@landmarkschool.org or 978.236.3367.

The quote came from a Watermark Newsletter that you and several shipmates wrote when aboard the Te Vega. Hope you liked the piece and the photos!

Jeff Fauci
Landmark School Alumni Director