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After-School Activities

Landmark High School's Summer After-School Program runs from 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm every afternoon except Fridays. These exciting programs build confidence, peer support, and personal skills. They are open to day students for an additional fee. Students may choose one of the following programs:

CrossFit & Spinning
Students involved in the Health and Fitness Training program will not only become members at a local gym, but also work with a health-conscious Landmark-trained teacher to strategize appropriate, healthy lifestyle choices. Students may use this program to prepare themselves for upcoming athletic seasons, or to simply create and advance their personal fitness goals. This program insures that participants will explore the most effective ways to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

hand holding a camera with a person on the screenDigital Photography
Students will explore various modalities of taking photographs digitally. The course will focus on the art form of photography from composition and juxtaposition as well as the technicalities of this craft. The class will use the rambling Landmark campus and selected locations on the North Shore as their studio and will produce a final show of their most noteworthy work at the end of the course.

Digital Studio
Students will create their own short film or music video. This elective teaches the basics of audio and video production, from organization to editing. Participants will also learn how to capture action on film, add audio tracks and edit media with the latest digital software programs. Students will have an opportunity to participate in all aspects of production, from planning, to acting, filming, and creating the final cut. Learning is a cooperative, hands-on, interactive, and experiential process driven by the students' creativity, goals, and vision.

students on a large rock ledge overlooking the oceanMarine Science
Students will spend their afternoons exploring the seashore and a wide variety of marine life while relaxing with new friends. Landmark’s Marine Science program is designed to provide discovery through field activities, where participants get their hands and feet wet and learn by doing. Students will investigate a range of local environments, including rocky shores, salt marshes, and sandy beaches through snorkeling and shoreline exploration. The class will also visit sites of maritime historic interest. To become actively involved in the spirit of marine studies, students should feel comfortable in and around water, but do not need to be strong swimmers. Students should have (or plan to purchase upon arrival at school), a mask, snorkel, and fins.

Sea Kayaking
Take advantage of the North Shore's beautiful coastline with daily guided kayak tours out of Gloucester Harbor. Students will learn from the professionally certified staff at Discovery Adventures and will be additionally supported and encouraged by a Landmark staff member with years of kayaking experience. Students will investigate a range of local kayaking destinations while gaining valuable teambuilding experience. The program aims to help students gain a love of the ocean and its challenges, while fostering a safe environment for students to create friendships through trust and communication. Students should feel comfortable in and around water, but do not need to have kayaking experience.

Visual Arts
Students will express their creativity through the visual arts. They will have the opportunity to explore a variety of art media in depth. This program will include both 2D and 3D media, such as drawing and painting, digital photography, and ceramics. This is an excellent opportunity for both beginning art students and those interested in pursuing art beyond high school.