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Chris Woodin Math Facts Handouts

With freedom- comes responsibility!

These files are provided free- as a courtesy to those who have taken a class from Chris Woodin/ Landmark School.
Please download and use these files for your own personal use.
Please do NOT repost them to a server, change them in any way, redistribute them, or post the files on another website.

Thank You,
Chris Woodin

subtraction.regroup.NotebookSoftware.notebook80.72 KB
addFractionCurriculum5.11 2.pdf1.62 MB
Paper Airplane Slope.pdf106.54 KB
RO(W)CF Form A B.pdf81.11 KB
Cartesian Plane Series.pdf531.31 KB
VennDiagramGCFlcm.pdf111.28 KB
SetCardsFactoring.pdf60.55 KB
L and W.pdf251.63 KB
LandmarkEMSGraphic Organizers.pdf510.04 KB
Fluency Template.pdf282.34 KB
addFractionCurriculum11.15.13.pdf1.21 MB
4.2014Section1 Icon Book.pdf7.48 MB
IconBook SectTWO 4.14.pdf7.27 MB
Fluency Tracker.pdf298.08 KB