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Chris Woodin Math Facts Handouts

With freedom- comes responsibility!

These files are provided free- as a courtesy to those who have taken a class from Chris Woodin/ Landmark School.
Please download and use these files for your own personal use.
Please do NOT repost them to a server, change them in any way, redistribute them, present them, or post the files on another website.

Thank You,
Chris Woodin

subtraction.regroup.NotebookSoftware.notebook80.72 KB
addFractionCurriculum5.11 2.pdf1.62 MB
Paper Airplane Slope.pdf106.54 KB
RO(W)CF Form A B.pdf81.11 KB
Cartesian Plane Series.pdf531.31 KB
VennDiagramGCFlcm.pdf111.28 KB
SetCardsFactoring.pdf60.55 KB
L and W.pdf251.63 KB
Fluency Template.pdf282.34 KB
addFractionCurriculum11.15.13.pdf1.21 MB
4.2014Section1 Icon Book.pdf7.48 MB
IconBook SectTWO 4.14.pdf7.27 MB
Fluency Tracker.pdf298.08 KB
PeerTeachingGrading2015.pdf59.5 KB
2015 Middle School Graphic Organizers.pdf1.18 MB
Elem Math 5 day syllabus 2015.doc84 KB
A IconHandouts7.1.14.pdf795.78 KB
c.2015Icon.multidigit.pptxsmall.pdf1.02 MB
c.2015Icon.multidigit.pptxsmall.pdf1.02 MB
6.4CWXFactsHandouts.pdf664.12 KB
MDProductiondivisionHandouts.pdf939.39 KB
2015DIV.pptxsmall.pdf782.19 KB
IDA T9 Fractions 11.2013.pptx_.pdf3.22 MB
Fraction2014Handouts.pdf360.11 KB
IntroAlgebraPresentation.pdf282.22 KB
Foster Independence2.13.15.pptx_.pdf4.48 MB
Paper Airplane Slope.pdf158.29 KB
2015 Middle School Graphic Organizers.pdf1.18 MB
2 numberline icon.pdf105.6 KB
Icon Book Section 3 June7.pdf4.84 MB